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Get Fit Fast

There are many different ways to get fit and stay fit. Lose weight, run a marathon or get that beach body—take a look below at the different ways I can help achieve your fitness goals.

Outdoor Workout


Mondays 7pm @ Beesmoor Playing Field, BS362NX

A combination of strategic exercises to bring you a high energy class to burn calories and boost cardio fitness.  You can expect running, boxing, battle ropes, slam balls and more - all in the fresh air.  

Weight Bar

Strength & Conditioning

Thursdays 7pm @ Winterbourne Academy, BS361LA

An indoor high tempo class in a fully equipped studio. Work your way around stations and test out the equipment -no running but plenty of high energy moves in this class!​

Cross Fit Class


Fridays 9.15am @ Top to Toe Physiotherapy, BS361JG

A class that puts muscles under tension without all the bouncing around.  You will lift weights and feel the burn - you'll see an improvement in performance in no time.

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